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3 LEVEL SECURITY is a Hi Tech Vendor that constantly adopting and improving new technology to meet both the changing customer needs and new challenges. 

3 LEVEL SECURITY serves the international market with Survey Tools and solutions of the highest accuracy, aiming at applications in every sector of modern software from the simplest application to the GIS environments and the most complicated C4ISR systems

In order to meet the needs of our customers we are continually striving to bring our distributors the best Survey Tools and services        .R & D installations.


3 LEVEL SECURITY   ‘PROFILE’            

3 LEVEL SECURITY BULGARIA LTD and the Cyprus Geopathetic Research Institute (www.cgri.gr)
 ‘C.G.R.I.’   research, design and develop state-of-the-art real time electronic systems with numerous applications in the defense, the low frequency magnetic fields, energy shields, material structure detection and localization and industrial field in generally. Our R&D teams are firmly orientated to research and the ongoing improvement of the services and innovative Survey Tools provided. This leads to the continuous staffing of its departments with new scientific and specialized technical personnel. 

Our Vision is to design & develop software & Hi Tech prototypes and technological Survey Tools, that will promote the culture and the environment. 

Our specialization on those scientific fields guarantees the constant improvement of the team's operation and the satisfaction of any customer needs. 

Over the past few years our research has been focused on the design and manufacturing of state of the art SPINOTRON, MAGNOTRON, WMTS, ENDR, DRAMS EARLY WARNING SYSTEM and other material and no material detection technologies,  based on our patents.