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Explosives   (Detection Methods)

·Important    factors:


-portability, sensitivity, accuracy, ease of use, single or multi categories of explosives, not controlled environment, scan method


Typical   Detection   Technologies:


  • -

    Trace detection


  • -X-ray (widely used)


  • -Canine detection (short-distance)


  • -Novel & Experimental technologies


  • -RAMMAN phasma Laser Technology
  • SAED Technologies:

Interfering Modulated Magnetic fields  (MAGNOTRON, SPINOTRON, ENDR systems) &  Magnetic tuned phenomenon (WMTS systems)

Today status :
·Impossible until today to prevent terrorists or saboteurs to reach their targets without being detected.


· Dangerous to use explosives detection systems from short distances < 300 meters
In order to protect a wide sea area :
An Early Warning System is needed for long distance Detection-Localization-  Monitoring & Digital Recording,

in a GIS database, for materials such as: Explosives, IED's and Ammunition of any kind.



Our  solution :


... A system that could detect explosives from a long distance *, to accurately locate them and digitally capture their exact positioning in a common geographical database.


This enables sufficient reaction time and gives the operational advantage (adequate time) tο eliminate the threat, before it reaches valuable assets.
*   sometimes  over  10nths of  Kilometers  away









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All SAED systems. The DRAMS EWS (Up and left),  two WMTS1 and one WMTS2 (Up and right), the MAGNOTRON (Down in the middle , out of case),

the ENDR (Down and left) and the SPINOTRON  (Down and right).

Two SPINOTRON detection systems in NATO standard cases (The PAD support system and the manuals also)




Magnetic tuned systems acting always as a magnetic compass.  At SAED series models the primary SAED systems ‘engine’ creates a specific magnetic field that interacting with an energy field produced by a secondary engine inside the system.

Those two fields interferes between them and a sensor. This sensor is pre tuned as to magnetic tuning to a distinguishable material structure (explosive, ammunition, drugs, humans, under ground vacuum, etc) we want to tuned with (to detect), called ‘target’. 

Those modulated magnetic fields interferes with other environmental present magnetic fields, creating the necessary conditions for interaction with the target. As an electron-vibration activity happening on the target (Magnetic tuned phenomenon).

Detection is achieved as the result of an ATTRACTION that appears between the SAED Magnetic Tuned Receptor  sub system and the target*.  

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The MAGNOTRON detection system in a case

The MAGNOTRON detection system


The MAGNOTRON detection system & the support system for localize targets


Screen from SAED systems support system for localize targets (Working on a PAD (LEFT & MIDLE) and on a smart phone (RIGHT)








In less than 10 seconds user could realize if the target is buried underground or underwater   or target lays on the ground level realizing and the depth of the target. 


Working Environment Flexibility (could work from inside buildings, vehicles, etc) 


Penetrates any kind of barriers (steel, wood, concrete, mountains, etc)


Precision in detection


Simultaneous Detection of any material structure


Ease of use


Effective Detection of any kind of target 


Long Distance and Accuracy


Zero preparation time to work


Very long detection range over 6000 meters, depending on target mass


Using SAED systems, a new OFFENSIVE operational dimension is given.  User localize explosives in long distance. Large areas can be scanned for explosives, PROTECTED from approaching known terrorists, etc. 



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