SAED TECH could locate any undersea or underwater and under mud,   metal or unmetal material structure as: GOLD, SILVER, EMERALDS, RUBIES, etc from tenths of kilometers distance* in a few minutes.

      MAGNOTRON M SYSTEM & SPINOTRON TECH for easy and fast shipwrecks Detection/Localization






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... A system that could detect any Shipwreck from:
  •  a long distance  over 50 km : 
  • in very big depths
  •  to accurately locate them
  •  and digitally capture their exact position in a common geographical database.


WHAT    IS    D.R.A.M.S.S.   ?

Detecting &  Recording Automatically  Magnetic tuned System for Shipwrecks

DRAMS EWS is a System for long distance Detection-Localization - Monitoring & digital recording in a GIS data base of any shipwreck containing PRE TUNED metal or unmetal.
Based on client - server architecture (many clients (sensors -1) - to one server ( controller -2)) that embedded  a number of surveillance-detection SPINOTRON TECH sensors systems in a modern command & control hyper system, using computers and communications (C4ISR).
Detection technology based on specific applications of magnetic tuned phenomenon. Giving a unique tactical advantage to any system user


D.R.A.M.S.S.  System super user (commander ) can see every shipwrecs direction  (4 & 5) and the exact position of users (1 & 2) on a computer screen (controller - server) represented  on a digital map.
The exact point of located shipwreck  (3) under sea or under water and under mud in real time recorded in a (GIS) data base and represents the coordinates of the located shipwreck.
Data represented in real time. Controller monitoring the shipwreck   in real time as he see in real time the directed lines (green 5 and blue 4) which are the extension of the users ( 1 & 2) MAGNOTRON M  magnetic tuned receptors.

picture above:  D.R.A.M.S.  System super user (administrator ) SCREEN on the laptop CONTROLLER SERVER

The simplest  D.R.A.M.S.S.  module

Consists of :

  • ·the MAGNOTRON M sensor SYSTEM (1)

  • ·the SUPPORT SYSTEM of the sensor (2) and at the left of picture - Computing and Transmitting data to a server

  • ·the Command and Control subsystem (laptop)  (3)

    MAGNOTRON M Sensor System for Long Distance Remote Detection  & Localization of any kind of shipwreck

    Designed to do a quick and efficient search of any material structures in distances from 0 to > 50.000 meters, avoiding any similar substance.  

    MAGNOTRON M' uses the D.R.A.M.S.S. (a 3 Level Security Bulgaria LTD patent ) method to locate any kind of shipwreck and record their location on a GIS (Geographical Information System) environment.

    D.R.A.M.S.S.  is a fully C4ISR system, giving to the research administartor the ability to remotely control and monitor searching operations  in real time.   

      Complete shipwreck Localization capabilities



    How it Works  (shipwreck Detection Method Example)

    1. Define the area of search to be conducted

    2. Understand the geography of the location

    3. Collect the data and furnish the profarma

    4. Scan the sea or water area from two different locations P1 and P2 as shown in the Picture


    The localization of shipwreck area occurs more easily when there is only one kind of Shipwreck exists in the location. The localized are 50m to ....m radius depends upon the depth of the shipwreck. (Note here that the magnetic field of each material/composition of the material depend on the type of material and the quantity of the material used in as a sensor for the kind of the target detection). 4. Go to P3 position and detect again the target (shipwreck) in order to verify the target position.

    Shipwrecks  Localization & Recording



    MAGNOTRON “M”  detector  could work as stand alone or  be a part  of  D.R.A.M.S.S.  System.  A 'MAGNOTRON' M USER could see  on his pad screen:

    the directions (red lines) that he took from 2 different points (this is a fully automatic process ).  Shipwreck is on the cross of the two red lines.

    user reads the distance from target and the coordinates. Shipwreck coordinates  are been recorded and been saved to pad data base.

    The exact point of located Shipwreck under the surface of sea or water in real time recorded in a (GIS) data base. Represented coordinates of the located shipwreck also.

    How it Works (System Interaction)



    How it Works  (SCIENTIFIC)


    The MAGNOTRON M Engine (1) creates a specific electromagnetic field (Modulated EMF (2)) that  modulated from a specific sensor (3).

    The created EMF modulated by the electron-vibration activity energizes mostly modeculars based on materials we expect to find in Shipwrecks.


    This primary magnetic field interferes with other environmental present EMFs (4) and creates the necessary conditions for interaction, which appears between the MAGNOTRON M SENSOR and the shipwrecks (5) containing N (ions) of the specific material(w) we expect to find in the shipwreck to detect.

    How it Works ( NO BARRIERS DEPENDED)

    Magnetic fields are not affected from any given barrier, which means that MAGNOTRON M® can detect Shipwrecks  when searching under mud or any barrier under sea or water. and is especially useful in covert scenarios that allows detection Shipwrecks  within a distance > 50000 meters (depending on the mass of target) under all types of obstacles.

    Using the MAGNOTRON  system, a new OFFENSIVE operational dimension is given.  User localize Shipwrecks  from very long distance. Large sea or water areas can be scanned for Shipwrecks.



    • Precision in detection

    • Simultaneous Detection of any undersea or water or mud material or no material structure

    • Ease of use

    • Effective Detection of any kind of shipwreck 

    • Long Distance and Accuracy on sea or water level

    • Working Environment Flexibility



        MAGNOTRON TECH could locate any undersea or water  Shipwreck from tenths of kilometers distance* in a few minutes.


      At the five next pictures shown a REALISTIC SCENARIO (PLAN) HOW TO DETECT AND LOCATE ALL SHIPWRECKS AT COLOMBIA'S NORTH SEA Lines are the directions. At the red lines crossings are the possible shipwrecks.   


      At the three next pictures taken from the 'SAED E3 TARGETS LOCATOR SYSTEM', shown GOLD CONCETRATION underground and UNDER THE SEA at U.A.E wide area. Red lines are the directions of the gold targets and taken from inside a hotel at DUBAI   (july 2018, 29).  



    MAGNOTRON M  system           

       (MAGNOTRON TECH – modulated magnetic field phenomenon based) using a strong engine (at the right photo)  

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    ”D.R.A.M.S.S.’’  Technology for Shipwrecks

    D.R.A.M.S.S. System (Detection and Recording Automatically by a Magnetic tuned System for Shipwrecks ) is a method and system to  locate a target and represent its

    location on a  Geographical Information System environment. D.R.A.M.S.M.  is a fully C4ISR system, giving the ability to remotely control and monitoring Shipwrecks in real time















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