At ENDR series models the primary SPINOTRON system ‘engine’ creates a specific magnetic field that interacting with an energy field produced by                               

a secondary engine  inside ENDR system. Those two fields interferes between them and a sensor. This sensor is pre tuned as to magnetic tuning to

a distinguishable material structure (explosive, ammunition, drugs, humans, under ground vacuum, etc) we want to tuned with (to detect), called

‘target’.  Those modulated magnetic fields interferes with other environmental present magnetic fields, creating the necessary conditions for

 interaction with the target. As an electron-vibration activity happening on the target (Magnetic tuned phenomenon).   Detection is achieved as

the result of an ATTRACTION that appears between the ENDR Magnetic Tuned Receptor  sub system and the target*..

  tech: www.academia.edu/34932691/SPINOTRON_MTR_Technology_for_material_detection

(*) In case of explosives and ammunition this EMF energizes mostly Nitrogen based explosives containing N (ions NO2, NO3) and  O- (oxygen negative ion).

Detection Method:  Magnetic tuned phenomenon   Using MAGNETIC TUNED RECEPTOR for TARGETING

Sensitivity: Below Trace level. [Fingerprint] (In the Picogram range.)

Selectivity: < 1% typical false positive rate (this is mainly due to the inability to visibly see or trace-detector sampling, unable to analyze.)

Detection/Reaction Time: Less than 6 - 10 Seconds for a 180 degrees sector

Setup Time: Depends on the magnetic fields neutralize process. Less than 1 minute after this process.

Environmental:  Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C [limitations exist for the computer system for the GIS environment of DRAMS

Power: 3 volt power supply. Car charger available. External power supply is available too (heavy duty missions).   Wage : about 3 kilos

Signal Processing: Magnetic tuned attraction of a  moving directional magnetic tuned receptor, detection at  180 degrees across user's  body.  MAGNETIC TUNED RECEPTOR for TARGETING.

Calibration: Not normally required. For  accuracy user tests equipment prior to use by detecting a sample of the material.

Detection Modes: Magnetic tuned  


Materials to Detect:    Pre – tuned :

·         any metal structure ,   any non  metal structure,   living humans,   dead humans,  animals, clear watery,  magnetic vacuum,           many others.

·         Ammunitions- explosives- grenades - rockets- missiles- projectiles- bombs - dispensers - mines - shells drivers- gun bullets – used ammunitions- Fireworks - incandescent lights.

·         Not exploded projectiles

   - black powder explosives    -  plastic explosives: C4, C1, PEA1, PEA2, C2, C5, PEA5   


AMFO                                                       RDNX

TNT                                                        PeTN 

DYNAMITE                                                 Nytrogelysreen 

Nitro glycerin                                             Bakrik Acid  

Tetrick                                                    Hexogen (RDX)

Aktogen                                                   Mud Explosives       

Water gel explosives                                    Emulsified explosives

Chlorite \ Alberchlorite                                Rubber Explosives

Neptrojandin                                             DNT

OTHER OBJECTS: human body (or bodies under rubble), Dirty Bombs (Uranium wastes)  

Additional materials available. Must ordered , and must give us a sample to pre - tuned. Contact Edetechnologies LTDfor further information.

Does not detect and does not get confused with:

o Cosmetics, glycerine, etc

o Traces of material, on the air, in the water, on the ground or on clothes


Areas of  the SPINOTRON     system

Plain fields -  Under ground -  Under water -    inside cages -  Airports and customhouses -Public foundations -  Border crossings- Security of open areas  -Military foundations - Shipyards and ports – Embassies - Armed forces  - VIP Escort -Police and general security - Nuclear stations - Wildlife Protection - Search and rescue operations  - Events that require strict security measures.

SPINOTRON     appliance  is   self-contained  energy   package and does not require external power.

Sensor additional materials (Cards, radionic search capabilities etc ) : no required 

 On the above figure presented  phases of the magnetic tuned phenomenon, given by the 3-axis magnetometer sensors.  


  • 2 year limited warranty on hardware only.
  • 2 year limited warranty on DRAMS  software.
  • 1 year electronic media support


Detection Range (in tests)

  • Ground level: 0 to > 10000 meters (tests carried out in various conditions with no clear line-of-sight. Especially in places on earth that magnetic fields are powerful as in Greece , Europe  )   The RANGE DEPENDING FROM TARGET MASS.
  • From Aircraft: Up to 10000 meters (4+ miles)
  • Under Water: Up to 50     meters (150+ feet)

Underground: Up to 25  meters (75 + feet)


        Training Courses :

Available training courses in the use of the equipment are :

  • Basic operator training course (required).
  • Advanced (power ) user.
  • DRAMS control expert (super user)
  • Trainers training course.
  • Training in Maritime or Aviation.
  • Training in or out  high buildings
  • Special training in Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).
  • Any other training in detection of any target.
  • Search and Rescue for Humans.
  • Search for dead people.

Contact Edetechnologies LTDfor further information.


* All of the above are indications in air speed < 2 m/sec. Aspects relating to weather such as high temperatures > 50 Celsius degrees, extremely high humidity and extreme cold, may be affect results shown above. Especially the GIS hardware of the SPINOTRON    system.   Independent tests should be carried out by potential clients to confirm their own needs & requirements for the SPINOTRON    use.

** Magnetic tuned phenomenon, as implemented in  SPINOTRON    series for inspection, detection and localization any living or not material structure is a Edetechnologies LTDoriginal tech, patented at Industry Property Organization www.obi.gr  and  European Patents Office www.ep.espasenet.com, established in 4 patents :  

1. GR1004926 /2005-06-30           IPC: G01N23/20; G01N23/20; (IPC1-7): G01N23/20r

2. GR1005224 /2006-06-13           IPC:G01V3/12;G01N23/20;G01S17/66 (+3)

3. GR20060100352 /2008-02-05    IPC: G01V3/12; G01N23/20; G01S17/66; (+3)

4. GR20070100067/2008-09-19    IPC: G01V3/14; G01V3/14 EC: G01V3/14











·         Long Range Detection. Sensor

·         No D.R.A.M.S  ABILITY

·         E3 SPINOTRON SUPPORT System.









·         Long Range Detection. Sensor

·          D.R.A.M.S  ABILITY

·         E3 SPINOTRON SUPPORT System.


SPINOTRON     SYSTEM  Packages include:



SPINOTRON     Handheld Device.


SPINOTRON     Support System.

·         Handheld Android Device.

·         E3 SPINOTRON Application.

·         Base for Handheld Android Device.

·         A Second Battery for Handheld Android Device.

·         “Power Bank” For Charging Handheld Android Device.

SPINOTRON    Magnetic Tuned Receptors (MTR).

·         1x Very Long Range MTR


NATO Specs Luggage For Transport And Storage.

·         2x Extra Locks for the Luggage.

1x Magnetic Compass.


One year free fees for GOOGLE Maps Downloading.


Laptop for GOOGLE Maps Downloading. 



D.R.A.M.S. Early Warning System  (DRAMS EWS) apart from :

- one or more DRAMS controller(s).

- one or more SPINOTRON     system (s). 

DRAMS controller system apart from a computer (laptop or desktop) and an application, the ‘DRAMS CONTROLLER APPLICATION’ (DRAMS EWS) D.R.A.M.S. Early Warning System for Remote Detection and Localization of Explosives & Narcotics, is a SPINOTRON’s ltd innovative solution to control and to administrate the SPINOTRON    system (s). In DRAMS EWS screen represented in real time SPINOTRON   system (s) transmitted - in real time - data.   In DRAMS EWS data base recorded in real time the transmitted data from SPINOTRON   system(s). 

 Using DRAMS EWS the explosives and narcotics research administrator could command and control operations in real time, from his office or a command control headquarters.  DRAMS EWS accompanied by a number of auxiliary systems such as the control & management software and various accessories according the client’s preferences.  SPINOTRON   ystem (sensor system) apart from the SPINOTRON  . PLUS system (sensor) and the SPINOTRON    Sensor  Computing Support System (PHONE ) computer.



NATO Standard case including the DRAMS CONTROLLER (LAPTOP or PHONE ), the Computing Support System (PHONE  or smart phone) and a modem



A complex screen in which the hyper controller users observe, command and control all DRAMS PLUS controllers  actions

We are constantly developing towards the optimum goal of having a fully automated OFFENSIVE system with maximum protection and highest efficiency against Explosives and futuristically to develop to include earth’s most valuable natural resources.




   IN GENERAL        

VEry loNg and for Underground detection Systems designed to do a quick and efficient survey of Very Long Distances (from 0 to > 6000m) Remote Detection & Localization of explosives, UXO’s, bombs, IED’s, ammunition, Drugs, underground vacuum, mineral oil /platinum, live/dead humans etc, setting aside every similar substance.

Designed to do a quick and efficient survey of material structures in distances from 0 to > 6.000 meters, setting aside every similar substance.  SPINOTRON   uses DRAMS (a Kyklotron's Ltd registered patent) method to locate the target and represent the explosive location on a GIS (Geographical Information System) environment. DRAMS is a fully C4ISR system, giving to director of operations the ability to remotely control and monitoring operations in real time.



SPINOTRON   system used by D.R.A.M.S. Early Warning System (an EDE TECH registered patent ) method to locate the target and represent it  location on a GIS environment. DRAMS EWS is a fully C4ISR system, giving the ability to remotely control and monitoring targets in real time.


Magnetic fields are not affected from any given barrier, which means that SPINOTRON® can detect tergets hidden behind concrete walls, metal cases etc. and is especially useful in covert scenarios that allows detection of targets within a distance > 20000 meters (depending on the mass of target) behind and through all types of obstacles (including concrete, steel etc.).


·         Geographical Information System




          Provides area protection against target approaching


          Very long detection range over 6000 meters


          Easy target depth found from very long distance


          Working from inside a room/car/vehicle, etc


           Precision in detection &  ease of use


          Simultaneous Detection of any material  or no material structure


          Effective Detection of any kind of pre tuned target 


          Very Long Distance and Accuracy


          Working Environment Flexibility


          Zero preparation time to work


          Penetrates any kind of barriers (steel, wood, concrete, mountains, etc)



Magnetic tuned systems acting always as a magnetic compass.  The SPINOTRON Engine  creates a specific electromagnetic field (Modulated EMF) that  modulated from a specific sensor.  The created EMF modulated by the electron-vibration activity energizes mostly Nitrogen based explosives.  This primary magnetic field interferes with other environmental present EMF’s and creates the necessary conditions for interaction, which appears between the SPINOTRON I  and the explosives containing N (ions NO2, NO3) and  O- (oxygen negative ion).


Were to use


Kidnapping / Investigation

                                                        DNA SPINOTRON TECH could locate a living kidnapped person from tenths of kilometers distance* in a few minutes using his DNA sample.

        Border control / immigrants in the sea / missing persons

                                                        HUMAN SPINOTRON TECH could locate living or dead body from tenths of kilometers distance* in a few minutes.

         For Army , Police, VIP, Official and Intelligence use

                                                        SPINOTRON TECH could locate DRUGS, explosives, IED, UXO, bombs, ammunition, mines etc from tenths of kilometers distance*.        

Minerals, Oil, Gas, Platinum, Opal, Gold, water.

     SPINOTRON TECH could locate any underground  mineral from hundred of kilometers distance* in a few minutes.

Increasing  safety/ Combined ‘SPINOTRON tech’ systems with existing explosive detection systems  (X-RAY, TRACE detection, LASER tech, RAMMAN)


       SPINOTRON TECH could detect and locate any material or no material ( as underground vacuum) from tenths of kilometers distance*







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